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Cliffs of Moher Retreat

Melissa runs a retreat yearly at the stunning Cliffs of Moher Retreat. Melissa believes a retreat should be a yearly ritual guilt free because the benefits ripple into every day life many weeks after the retreat has finished. The experience of a retreat gives some much needed time out to really relax, forget about the demands and pressures in life, it’s a perfect time to pause, tune into your instincts and focus on taking care of your own needs, rejuvenate and reinvigorate the mind, body and soul.

The Cliffs of Moher Retreat offers spectacular views, the most delicious food you’ll every taste, most of it grown in their own garden and cooked with love and dedication. Nature is at your door step here whether its walking though beautiful countryside, visiting the stunning and wondrous Cliffs of Moher, sea swimming, bathing in their outdoor hot tub, sauna, infra-red sauna or steam room.

A retreat has a specific intent behind it, its about you escaping your every day routine, doing what you want, meeting new people or taking some quiet time out by yourself, practicing yoga whilst working within your own limits, nourishing the body with good food and relaxing as much as you would like.

Every retreat is suitable for beginners or regular yoga practitioners and will have a certain theme to it.

To see an example of what a retreat with Melissa offers please click here

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Nurturing Mama To Be Mini Retreat

As your body takes on this miracle of creating life, take time out of your busy life to have some YOU time. This workshop will give you time to fill up your well of self-care, love and compassion towards yourself.


Finding space for yourself, to just be yourself can be a challenge but at this workshop not only will you learn best practices to help you birth your baby, you will also get a chance to relax deeply which in turn will enhance your immune system, send messages to your body that all is well and promote a positive mind set for pregnancy and birth. 


Your baby will sense you slowing down so both of you together can enjoy the experience together as one. Being pregnant is one of the biggest joys a woman can experience, however it comes with its ups and downs, aches and pains and many times can be an emotional rollercoaster. 


Taking time out to go to your pregnancy yoga class allows you to focus on yourself for a short period of time, whereas taking a workshop such as this one, allows you more time to realise your needs, ask questions you always wanted to ask in your pregnancy yoga class and get expert advise on how to support anything that may be going on in your body & mind. Come to this workshop to rejuvenate your mind & body. A well-deserved gift to yourself. Light refreshments included.


Date TBC

Restore & More Women’s Retreat

Without a doubt although joyous and magical, the life of a woman can be overwhelming and exhausting, therefore, taking time out for yourself helps you to fill your cup so you have something to pour into others.

During this women’s day retreat, Melissa, will create a space for you to reconnect, pause, refill and reset.  Melissa’s mission is that you will radiate from the inside, outside, all over after spending time nourishing yourself with some ‘me time’ & recharging your super powers. We truly believe that ‘self-care’ is ‘healthcare’.

The workshop will create a sacred space including a yoga class that every women’s body needs, an empowering women’s circle, deep relaxations & a magical sound bath that will have you melting into the vibrations. Light refreshments will be included.

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What others say...

“I attended a beautiful weekend pregnancy yoga retreat with Melissa this year and it was just magical. Melissa has amazing expertise in this area and is enthusiastic to share her great wisdom in all things pregnancy and Yoga related. She created such a gorgeous retreat that was incredibly helpful for pregnancy and birth, especially for me as a first timer, with loads of great info and beautiful experiences, great food, and nature...I went on to do more of Melissa’s classes online during lockdown. I can’t recommend Melissa highly enough as a teacher and as a guide, always willing to share her knowledge and full of warmth and encouragement.”


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