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Baby Massage FAQs

The following are some questions I get asked regularly about my baby massage classes. I've included the answers below. If what you need isn't covered please get in touch with me


When is the best time to start?

Baby massage is suitable from birth so it’s best to start when you feel ready to make it to a class.


Is there a recommended age to start this course?

Baby massage is suitable from birth.  The ages in class range from 3 weeks to just before crawling at speed.

My baby will be 3 weeks by then, is it still ok to start?

Yes, no problem.


Do you take twins?

Yes, and I do not charge extra for twins.


I am interested in your baby massage course, could you send me details of what’s involved?

Please go to the baby massage information section on my website.


When does the next course start?

Please see the 'To Book' section of my website for more details.


Do you have availability in your next course?

If you are unable to book the course online, please contact me so you can go on the waitlist.


Do you require a deposit?

A deposit is due when booking a place.


How can I pay you?

This can be booked online or if you would prefer to pay a different way contact me for details.


Do you provide a receipt as my insurance company will reimburse me?

Yes of course.  I am is registered with all the health insurance companies that include baby massage.


What if I am missing 1of the weeks out of the 5wks?

We always refresh what we did the week before so you will not miss out on anything.


What do I need to bring?

A blanket or hand towel to put under your baby, yourself and baby, that’s it!  Wear comfy clothes.

To find out more about my Baby Massage Course click here. To check dates of the next course, and to book your place visit 'Schedule & Booking'

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What others say...

“I'm a first time mum of a 2 year old boy and Melissa was a big part of me becoming a mum. From pregnancy yoga allowing me to just focus on myself and get some much needed relaxation, to baby massage, which was just the nicest treat for baby and mum, to mum and baby yoga, which was something I really looked forward to every week. Mum and baby yoga is the perfect way to get back into a bit of exercising and meeting new friends (it takes a village to raise a child - I found part of my village there). Wish we could still go. Would have been lost without Melissa's great range of courses, knowledge and support. Can't thank you enough Melissa!”

Sabrina & Baby Nico

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