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Baby Massage

The beauty of this class is its suitable from birth until 1yrs of age.  Infant massage is a wonderful experience shared between you and your baby.  It provides numerous physical, psychological and emotional benefits for babies, promotes nurturing touch, is such a special bonding time for parents and their babies and is something you can continue at home as they grow older.  Massaging your baby provides essential one-on-one time that will enhance your intimacy, understanding and ability to nurture your little one as well as aid baby’s digestive system, calm the nervous system, improve circulation, brain-body communication and can help with fussiness and colic too.  This course is also a great way to ease into motherhood and meet new mums. Melissa promises a nurturing, comfortable environment that will finish with one of her well known healthy home-made treats with a cuppa. Many insurance providers reimburse up to €100.  You must check with your provider first.  Melissa is registered with all major insurance companies and is a member of Baby Massage Ireland as well as The International Association of Infant Massage.

Baby Massage Class

Mum & Baby Yoga

Melissa believes it’s important to make sure Mama gets what she needs most out of the class because looking after a baby is 24/7.  The yoga and Pilates incorporated into this class will help nourish, strengthen, release tension and help you reconnect to your body after pregnancy and birth.  Regardless of how you birthed your baby, Melissa’s classes are safe to take for everyone from 6wks postpartum vaginal birth or 10wks post cesarean birth.  You will connect to your breath, pelvic floor, core and whole body with a teacher that has over 17yrs experience teaching mothers.  This is a lovely time to bond with baby other than nappy changing and feeding!  Baby will enjoy watching mum, taking part in yoga for fun, yoga to support their digestive system, brain coordination, calming techniques and lots more.  Both mum and baby get the most out of this class because there is something for everyone.  A great chance to meet new mums in your area too. This class is suitable until baby is crawling at speed.

Mum & Baby Yoga Class

Pregnancy Yoga 

Pregnancy yoga weaves together yoga and childbirth preparation.  Women that come to pregnancy yoga find the practice helps with physical and mental wellbeing as well as empowers them during what can be a challenging time.  Pregnancy Yoga connects women going through similar experiences, providing a space for women to pass down the legacy and wisdom of childbirth and to bond with their baby or babies.  Melissa’s classes offer a variety of yoga postures that help the transitions throughout pregnancy more manageable and prepare for birth, breathing techniques to help calm and prepare for birth and deep relaxations that will have you snoozing.  All pregnancy classes are suited from 12wks.

Pregnancy Yoga Class

Yang Yin

This class blends two styles of yoga in one practice.  In this class, the student will practice a dynamic vinyasa yoga sequence for the first 40minutes, which is then followed by a 20minute Yin practice to compliment the earlier yang part of class. Both practices blended together help to energise, rejuvenate, center and ground as well as create a strong and flexible body that also teaches the importance of relaxation and calming the mind.   


Each week, Melissa will incorporate a theme so the student can learn to tune into their needs, advance their practice, find new ways to practice yoga postures (asana), incorporate different alignment to their asana, learn how to use props and how to work with their own body’s capabilities, have some fun as well as using the Yin session to calm, let go, go deeper and just simply be.


Melissa intention for this class is to help the student reset, unwind and enjoy.  Yang qualities include doing, achieving, controlling, and being more active whereas Yin qualities include traits such as allowance, reflection, receptivity, tolerance and passivity.  All essential qualities and combining both will help create more balance and harmony in the yoga practice and life.

Yang Yin Class


Yogalates is a fusion of the best of Pilates and Yoga that has positive effects on the mind and body. This class is suited for everyone, due to Melissa’s many years of experience. 


The first half of class Melissa will teach you classic Pilates and the second half is a lovely mix of Yoga poses to compliment all the core work. 


This class will strengthen and tone the whole body, increase stamina, create a strong foundation, release, stretch, increase flexibility, help connect to your breath, improve posture and balance whilst working within your own limits. We will also make use of the many props available such as blocks, resistance bands and weights to enhance the many benefits this class offers.

Yogalates Class
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What others say...

“I have recommended Melissa far & wide for all her classes from prenatal, active birth, baby massage & mum & baby. They have had such a huge impact on me in becoming a mother & no wonder, with such a genuine & experienced guide”.

Grainne, Mum of 2

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