Active Birth FAQs

The following are some questions I get asked regularly about my active birth workshops. I've included the answers below. If what you need isn't covered please get in touch with me


Would you be available to do a 1:1 workshop with my partner and I?

Yes, I have taught hundreds of private workshops. Please see the 'Workshops & Retreats' section of my website, or get in touch with me, for more information.


How do I book into your next workshop at Yoga Next Door?

Please go to their website


Could you tell me a little more about what the workshop includes?

Please see more details in 'Active Birth Workshop' section on the 'Workshops & Retreats' page of my website.  


When during my pregnancy is the best time to take this workshop?

I suggest anytime from 18 weeks-40 weeks.  It’s never too early or late to empower yourself and your birth partner!


Do you recommend this workshop even though it will not be my first-time giving birth?

I get many 2nd, 3rd & 4th time parents coming to my workshops.


Do you offer this workshop on Zoom?

Yes, I have taught private workshops on zoom all around the world. Get in touch with me to find out more. 


If I still intend on taking the Epidural will this course still be suitable for me and my partner?

Absolutely.  I'll teach you what can help you best before getting the Epidural as well as best positions, breathing & birthing techniques in the hospital bed after it has been administered.


Can I still come if my birthing partner is unable to attend?

Of course.  Not everyone has a birth partner.  Everyone  is welcome to the workshops.


What do I need to bring?

I recommend you bring water, a packed lunch if you do not intend on going to the surrounding cafes and an extra cushion if you feel you’ll need one. Everything else is supplied. I have lots of cushions, birth balls, bolsters and chairs though.

To find out more about my Active Birth Workshop click here. To check dates of the next workshop, and to book your place visit 'Schedule & Booking'













What others say...

“I cannot recommend Melissa's Active Birth workshop enough. My husband and I attended before the birth of our second son. We both gained so much from the class and I went into my second labour after a very difficult first with confidence, no fears and empowered all thanks to Melissa.”

Amy, Mum of 3

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