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Private Classes with Melissa Curtis 

A private yoga class is ideal for those who are not ready to take group classes, those who need special attention, those who are unable get to a yoga class due to time constraints, those who want to advance in their practice and those who would like to learn the practice of yoga in their own time and pace to enhance their health and wellbeing. 


As an experienced Yoga and Pilates teacher with over 18yrs experience, Melissa will design bespoke classes, tailored to your needs to maximise your time and benefits.  Melissa is also trained in yoga to support Fertility, Pregnancy, Postnatal, Perimenopause and Menopause and has taught thousands of women during these stages of their lives.  


Melissa is dedicated to deepening her knowledge in women’s health and how yoga can support in order to be able to offer the highest standard of classes.  


Please email Melissa for hourly rates.

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What others say...

“I did a private antenatal course with Melissa and her baby massage course with my two little ones Noah and Sadie and found her absolutely inspirational, so calming and reassuring about everything. It filled me with confidence that I could do something that I was so terrified of. I’ve passed on her tips to

so many others since.”

Deborah, Mum of 2

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